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Marc Hess

Marc Hess has more than 27 years experience in the energy industry with a diverse background that includes both regulated and non-regulated utility scale business models. Marc has comprehensive knowledge of project planning, development and implementation throughout the energy field, including: Fossil plant operations, system operations, transmission, energy supply, energy trading, and energy and renewable energy markets. Marc was responsible for electric supply and market coordination throughout the Midwest and Northeast for WPS Energy Service, Inc. from 1996 to 2005 when the electric operation grew from 2 individuals to over 350 with multiple operating power plants across the United States and Canada. These responsibilities included: Asset acquisition, asset development and integration, market development, management of physical supply, employee development and training and supply hedging.

Marc has extensive experience in Alternative and Renewable Energy project development, with strong emphasis on beneficial use and distributed energy installations. Marc has spent the last 4 years consulting and working with Native American Tribes to evaluate and develop commercial energy projects based on innovative financing protocols including Renewable Energy Credits, Diversity Supplier set-asides and other contracting vehicles. Marc is also working with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College to develop technical and energy related training programs for Veterans. The program will utilize a cohort model for training returning Veterans in technical and energy related fields. This program will be carried out in cooperation with Trillacorpe and employers that require specific skill-sets from a mature and disciplined workforce. Mr. Hess holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Finance and has an educational background in economics and the physical sciences with numerous industry related development courses.

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