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Building, Facility & Site Security

Security CameraTrillacorpe has extensive experience in the Homeland Security sector, we offer a unique expertise in developing and implementing architectural and construction solutions that are responsive to current security requirements such as force protection, anti-terrorist surveillance and blast mitigation.

Trillacorpe Construction provides vulnerability assessments and security planning services that will thoroughly evaluate potential threats to existing or projected buildings and facilities, define force protection security needs, and design layered defensive systems that ensure personnel safety, building integrity, and equipment and records protection. Security Enhancement Services include:

  • Site & building analysis
  • Site planning & facility engineering
  • Threat-resistant/hardened building & barracks construction
  • Progressive collapse design
  • Blast/ballistic resistance/mitigation
  • Window glazing, ventilation protectors
  • Access controls/guard posts
  • Perimeter motion & intrusion detectors
  • Surveillance & closed circuit television
  • Vehicle access & parking plans
  • Security reception pavilions, employee entrances
  • Shipping & receiving screening facilities
  • Emergency generators, redundant energy systems