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General Contracting

General Contracting

For those clients that prefer the traditional design-bid-build Trillacorpe Construction offers general contracting capabilities. We are able to guarantee a high quality of work because we utilize an elite group of pre-qualified subcontractors during the bid process. Our relationship with our subcontractors and suppliers ensures our ability to deliver that quality.

The traditional design-bid-build approach remains one of the most popular delivery methods for construction projects. This delivery method provides the client with the most checks and balances because drawings and specifications are complete prior to contractor selection and there are separate entities reporting to the client, each with distinct roles and responsibilities.

As a general contractor, Trillacorpe Construction organizes the project by scope and speciality. We then engage subcontractors that have a proven track record of performance in the following areas:

  • Site work
  • Foundations / concrete
  • Building erection
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing and fire protection
  • Control systems
  • System installation
  • Finish work
  • Landscaping